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Life in Singapore is extremely stressful. Fast-paced, plagued list of things to do that never seem to end; where can we possibly find the time to properly relax?

Thankfully, there has been a recent rise in popularity of home massage services. “Hey!” you might be thinking, “what’s the big deal? I might as well go to a massage parlor instead.” While that may be true, we’re pretty sure nothing can beat the comfort and convenience of having an experienced masseur come to your house to perform a healthy and relaxing massage for you.

For mums-to-be or new mums, massages can be very beneficial for both you and/or your unborn baby. Our prenatal massage relieves your tense and aching muscles, improves overall blood circulation; and has all the benefits of a regular massage being adapted to suit the body of a pregnant woman. And well, every pregnant lady knows how painful or stressed their bodies and joints can be whilst carrying a baby, so why not give your body a much needed massage?

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Even for new mums, our post natal massage caters to getting your body back into shape after delivery. Stretch marks, high stress levels, sagging bellies; all these are common after-effects of giving birth. Hence, our post-natal massage aims to nurse both your physical and mental strength, achieved through a soothing combination of massage and specially formulated herbs.

For those looking for a regular massage in Singapore, we also offer various types that are certain to leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Our Swedish massage remains one of the most popular massage services that we offer. Our signature deep tissue massage hits the connective tissues in your body, and is an intense massage aimed at tackling chronic muscle fatigue.

If you are the kind who prefers something a little more unconventional, we also offer Thai, Shiatsu, and hot stone massages. The heat of the hot stones placed on your body help warm up muscles that are tight, and serve an as aid for the masseur to work more deeply into troubled areas. The Japanese Shiatsu is loosely based on the ancient Chinese belief of “qi”, and utilizes the finger pressure of the masseur to press deep into your body to relieve fatigue.

Some Words From Our Clients

This is so far the best massage experience I ever have. It really eases my back pain significantly! Highly Recommended.

L. Ang

Lisa Ang
The pressure applied was deep and it really helps! Amazing!
Masseur is very professional and helpful. Love the service!
I feel much more relaxed and revitalised after my massage. She was very knowledgeable about the body and offered me many tips on well-being! Good!
Sharon Tan
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