Baby Massage

Baby massage is an effective process of stroking and rubbing the muscles and extremities of the baby in a way primarily designed for them. This is now available in most clinics and hospitals since this offers healthy and effective benefits not only to the baby but also to their parent. The common choice to massage the baby is the father, mother, grandparent or even their guardian but medical specialist are also allowed to do the massage process on the baby especially when the baby is in the hospital.


Baby massage offers huge numbers of benefits both for the baby and the mother. Since touch serves as the first language of the babies, a mother gains enhanced awareness of the needs of their baby while multiplying bond with each other. Research and studies shows that touch therapy can trigger physiological changes that can help babies to develop and grow faster.

Baby Massage Benefits

Here are the lists of the baby massage benefits that your baby may obtain and these are as follows:

  • Helps baby to relax.
  • Improve your baby’s immune system.
  • It offers smoother and safer transition from the mother’s womb towards the outside world.
  • Decreases the production of stress hormone in the baby.
  • Makes baby sleep longer and sounder.
  • It also helps in the regulation of the digestive, circulatory and respiratory system of their body.
  • It prevents and relieves discomfort from colic and gas, teething and congestion.

For parents, there are also baby massage benefits that they may obtain and these include the following:

  • Great improvement of parent and baby communication especially when it comes to the mother of the baby.
  • Helps the parents to immediately respond and understand properly the non-verbal cues of their baby.
  • Promotes confidence and competence in holding and caring for the baby.
  • Enhances the ability of the parents to help their baby to do some relaxation especially when stressful times arise.

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Baby Massage for Growth and Development

Different cultures revealed that babies that are carried, held, breast feed and massaged develop and grown into less violent and aggressive adults with a degree of cooperation and compassion. It has also been said that mother who are suffering from postpartum depressions shows great improvement after giving baby massage on regular basis.

The best time for you to give your baby a massage is in the morning after they take a bath or even before going to bed. Make sure that you are going to do this in a regular basis and avoid doing it in a hurry. See to it that the room is also warm and does not have bright lighting. This is very essential to assure that the baby will not move away or squint from the bright light source. Follow precautionary measures when you opt to massage your baby. This is just to avoid unexpected injuries to arise.

Baby massage strokes needs to be soft to touch and delicate. This needs to be done in a deliberate and slow motions. The baby massage benefits are very overwhelming and it is increasing gaining immense recognition as one of the best health care treatment for your babies. This does not only offer benefits to the babies but also to their parents. So, if you have your baby, spares time to massage them gently and softy to allow safe and healthy growth and development.