Deep Tissue Massage Benefits

Perhaps the best and most recommended treatment option that overly concentrates on fascia in the body and deep layers of muscles is deep tissue massage. It is a specific type of massage therapy where a massage therapist employs deep finger pressure and unhurried, firm strokes to treat or heal a plethora of physical ailments. There are several benefits associated with this type of massage therapy. Want to find out which? Great! Read on.

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#1: It Reduces Chronic Pain

Forget conventional medical remedies. Deep tissue massage is a reasonably priced, effective treatment that helps relieve chronic pain in your body – by increasing blood flow and reducing body inflammations that might cause pain. According to a recent report done by the University Of Maryland Medical Centre, it equally helps in alleviating tension in the muscles by loosening tight tissue clusters that are often a side effect brought about by chronic pain.

#2: Improves Blood Pressure

Lessening stress and strain in body muscles, which can have a crucial role in improving blood pressure, is what this massage therapy instigates. If what the University of Maryland Medical Centre cites about deep tissue massage benefits is anything to go by, systolic and diastolic pressure levels relatively drop by an average of 10.4 mm Hg and 5.3 mm Hg respectively when deep tissue massage is employed. It increases the production of serotonin in the body, too.

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#3: Breaks up Scar Tissue

Many people find it hard to erase scar tissues in their body. But it doesn’t have to be since all you need is massage therapy that targets your deep body tissues. It will help break up and eventually erase all scar tissues. This treatment is effective as it improves lymphatic circulation and drainage that in turn instigates flexibility and a range of motion in the affected body area. If you’re recovering from surgery, you’ll find massage therapy useful in clearing pain and stiffness.

#4: Rehabilitates Injured Muscles

Injured your muscles? Deep tissue massage is what you need. It’s perhaps the most effective treatment for injured body muscles. Why? It stretches twisted muscle mass and help facilitate movement of toxins from the muscles. Put simply, massage therapy promotes healing of the muscles. Also, it equally helps in reducing pain caused by injuries. That explains why this type of massage therapy is often used to recuperate sports injuries and help relax muscles.

#5: Stress Relief

Among the widely recognised deep tissue massage benefits that help relieve chronic stress from the body include tight muscles, rigid shoulders and tension headaches. The next time you suffer from chronic stress, you know what to go for. Massage therapy offers soothing relief to your body. All you need to do is give in to the healing when on the massage table. Let all the pain go. That way, you’ll feel all new and invigorated, body-wise.