What You Need to Know About Ear Candling

Ear problems are common enough in many households especially during the flu or cold season. Sniffles, clogged sinuses, and even exposure to dry heat that is coming from the surface can cause mild ear discomfort to become a full blown chronic pain. To fix this issue, ear candling is recommended by those who practice holistic treatment as it is believed that this treatment is capable of removing any ear issues that a person may have without being invasive or require taking medication.

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What Ear Candling is All About

Ear candling have become a popular treatment for ear problems that many holistic and health and wellness shops sell them today. Ear candles are being promoted as an effective tool to relieve ear problems but is there any truth in this?

So how does ear candling work? In this treatment, a 10-inch ear candle that is made from cloth and rolled in paraffin and beeswax is used. The candle is pushed through the hole in the centre of a paper plate or pie tin. The one who will be getting the treatment usually lies on his or her side in a relaxed and comfortable manner. The tapered end of the candle is then placed on the ear with the tin a few inches above it. The hair of the patient is usually tied back, and a damp towel placed around the shoulders and neck to absorb any ash that falls from the candle.

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Ear Candling Benefits

So what benefits can be gained from ear candling? According to those who had ear candling done to them, the treatment helps remove the toxins and earwax from their ears. It is believed that the residue that is clogging the ear is gently removed thanks to the vacuum that is caused by the flame burning on the opposite end of the ear candle. There is indeed residue left behind the remaining ear candle.

However, studies have shown that the residue is basically leftovers of paraffin and beeswax, which are the same ingredients used in ear candles. Are there no ear candling benefits then? As a matter of fact, there are benefits to ear candling like soothing ear aches thanks to the smoke that gets blown inside the ear from the ear candle. The smoke is also ideal for drying out the ear, which is helpful to those who are suffering from ear infection. The fluids that are trapped within the ear are actually dried making the ear easier to clean afterwards.

It’s easy to doubt the use of ear candling, but there are those that believe that this holistic treatment is actually effective in relieving their ear aches and other issues.