How Foot Reflexology will make, you Feel Better

Essentially, reflexology creates homeostasis in your body, thereby triggering entire bodily function. The feet present an intricate map of your entire body, and, therefore, any problem in the body reflects in the feet. In this regard, a reflexology can be diagnose and treat you through the feet. Foot reflexology is a preventive form of medicine that is highly therapeutic for the people suffering from plantar fasciitis. In addition, it allows you to relax, especially when you have been on your feet the entire day. The foot massage alleviates the swelling and the pain in the areas around your feet. Nonetheless, there are other foot reflexology benefits, apart from the relaxation benefits.

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Alleviates PMS and Menopause Symptoms

Feelings of sadness, irritability, tension, anxiety, insomnia and fatigue are common symptoms that women going through menopause and those with PMS experience. Fortunately, if you suffering from these symptoms, you can have a daily foot massage to make it easier. In fact, foot reflexology can significantly reduce the duration of the PMS. Women who are going through menopause usually experience hot flashes and depression. The solution to these symptoms is a regular feet massage.

Reduces the Effects of Oedema in Expectant Mothers

Mostly, expectant mothers experience fluid retention in their ankles that cause swelling of their feet. This occurs in the last trimester of the pregnancy. As mentioned above, relieving swelling around the ankles is one of the foot reflexology benefits. In this regard, the expectant mothers can reduce the leg swelling by having a daily foot massage. This can make them comfortable because the swollen feet can cause a lot of discomfort especially in the last trimester. At this stage, expectant women have any discomforts, to contend with, and a solution to their swollen feet is priceless.

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Cures Headaches and Migraines

If you suffer from migraines and headaches, a foot reflexology will work wonders for you. According to a study conducted in Denmark, people suffering from migraines and headaches got relieved after receiving reflexology cures. In fact, the participants stopped taking their migraines medication prior to the test. The test took three months and after the end of the term, a significant number of them had reduced symptoms. Moreover, a foot massage can help you make positive changes and in the process reduce the occurrence of headache and migraines occurrence.

Lowers Blood Pressure

It is so unfortunate that in the modern society, high blood pressure is a major concern because many people are dealing with the pressure problem. Causes of high blood pressure range from stress, unhealthy eating, and it can be because of environmental factors or genetics. Nevertheless, keeping the pressure at manageable level requires you to avoid stress. A 10-minute foot reflexology can lower your blood pressure, improve your mood and decrease the anxiety levels.