The Amazing Benefits of Jamu Massage to Mothers after Giving Birth

Jamu massage is a therapeutic treatment that incorporates the use benefits of massage and botanical treatments. The massage originates from central Java where the treatment was for the royals in the palace. The word Jamu is an Indonesian word that means therapeutic remedies used for internal and external healing. The treatment is not available to everyone, irrespective of whether they have royal blood or not. In fact, the Indonesian village healers offer it philanthropically. The healers offer the treatment as an act of love and, therefore, offered freely.

Significantly, Jamu massage incorporates various techniques that trigger relaxation in your body. It stimulates the muscles and the connective tissues through percussion, vibration and consecutive long strokes. In addition, the masseur applies higher pressure on specific parts of your body. The pressure application occurs through skin rolling and knuckling. In addition, the masseur can do thumb walking and wringing to apply finer pressure on the body. Because of the healing aspect of the Jamu massage, you choose the scented botanical oil that you wish to use. The masseur uses this oil to apply pressure using the above-mentioned movements, after an initial dry complexion massage.

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Jamu Massage Benefits

Jamu Massage is, in fact, a postnatal massage that helps you get back in shape after pregnancy. Notably, the body loses its shape after a pregnancy because of the stretched skin that is left sagging after the baby is born. It is important to massage the skin in order to avoid flabby and sagging skin on the tummy. It is useful even for mothers who have given birth through the C-Section. Moreover, the massage has additional benefits that improve the well being of a mother.

Restoring the Uterus

Delivering a baby takes toll on the body because it has to stretch and adjust in order to accommodate the baby and eventually push it out. The pregnancy and delivery process leaves the uterus stretched and out of shape. The Jamu massage restores the uterus to its original shape. When a masseur applies the binder on the tummy, it helps tighten the tummy muscles together with the uterus. As the flab on the belly disappears, the uterus regains its shape because of the firming belly skin.

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Promotes Blood Circulation and Regenerates Skin Renewal

The manipulation of the body through the application of pressure stimulates the blood flow because the motion triggers the muscles and connective tissues. As a result, the body relaxes and there is increased blood flow throughout the body. Adequate supply of blood to the skin promotes skin rejuvenation and repair of the damaged cells on the skin, giving it a glow.


Emotional Stability

In addition to the physical Jamu Massage Benefits, the procedure helps new mothers cope with the birthing experience. The massage relaxes their nerves and helps them cope with postnatal blues.