Post Natal Massage: An Essential After Giving Birth

Pregnancy is a sensitive phase in a woman’s life. This is why having regular check-up is needed, as well as doing proper exercises and having the right diet. Aside from such, massage can also help a lot. In this case, however, massage is recommended not only before giving birth, but even after. A post natal massage provides a holistic approach towards adjusting into motherhood. It helps moms to adjust better to their new life as a mother.

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The Benefits of Post Natal Massage

Among others, one of the many post natal massage benefits is relaxation. Because it makes you feel relaxed, it would be also safe to say that it is important for stress reduction. When the massage is done with the right techniques, it increases circulation and relieves muscles on the different parts of the body. After nine months of pregnancy, your body has a lot of adjustments to make and a massage would not hurt. Also, it is important to note that about 10-15% of mothers are experiencing long-term post-partum depression. This makes a post natal massage more important.

Pain relief is another benefit of post natal massage. After giving birth, it is normal to have residual body pains. It is intensified by breastfeeding and taking care of the new-born, which can cause pain in the arms, shoulder, and back. Even without medication, a massage can be a promising solution to ease the pain. For more chronic conditions, massage should be done in multiple sessions and should be administered by a licensed therapist.

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Post natal massage benefits also include the fact that it aids in the regulation of hormones. During the stage of your pregnancy, the body has a higher level of progesterone and estrogen, but such decreases significantly after giving birth. Oxytocin and prolactin begin to increase, which is a result of breastfeeding. The level of cortisol, a hormone that is responsible for stress, also rises after pregnancy. With such, a post natal massage can be beneficial in regulating hormones, especially when the right essential oils are used.

Improve Quality of Sleep

Exhaustion is one of the burdens that most new moms could feel. Their life as a mother will change, especially because of breastfeeding and taking care of the baby. This can result into having changes in sleeping patterns. A post natal massage will help to increase brain waves that can help in having better sleep.

Improve Breastfeeding

Post natal massage is also known for its ability to increase milk production. According to several studies in the past, massage can be effective in increasing the level of prolactin in the body, which is a hormone responsible for lactation. It also aids in the relaxation of the chest muscles to be relieved from pain as a result of breastfeeding.