Prenatal Massage

It’s important for pregnant women to receive massage therapy even at home as a way of relaxing their nervous tension, encouraging blood and lymph circulation and reducing stress on their weight-bearing joints. While discomforts, anxiety and depression are normal during pregnancy, they can easily be calmed by frequent home massages that also aid in better sleep.

The best approach to home prenatal massage is perhaps the gentle, non-invasive kind because it eases discomforts, prepares the would-be mother for labour, and best of all gives nurturing emotional support. That explains why it’s necessary for every pregnant woman to experience the soothing benefits of massage therapy. So how beneficial is home massage therapy during pregnancy? Well, it helps ease everyday symptoms such as:

#1: Headaches, neck and shoulder pains

Massage therapy that solely focuses on these body areas acts as a powerful stress reliever to expectant women. Why? It helps reduce their chances of experiencing muscles spasms around the neck and shoulder area or worse, nerve wracking migraines or tension headaches, which are quite common during pregnancy. You could thus say, home prenatal massage maintains optimal levels of stress relief to would-be mothers without necessarily having to leave the comfort of their home.

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#2: Muscle tension

The extra weight pregnant women carry creates muscle tension to their lower body including legs. If not relieved by therapeutic massages, muscle tension can restrict blood from smoothly flowing to the afflicted areas. And that’s quite detrimental. Massage therapy during pregnancy thus increases the flow of lymphatic fluids and provides more nutrient-rich oxygen that helps flush metabolic waste and sweep away toxins from a would-be mother’s body.
#3: Fatigue, backaches, leg cramps, and edema (swelling)

Massage therapy during pregnancy relieves all these symptoms. Incidentally, massages don’t just ease pain and ordinary aches that are associated with pregnancy; they also help stimulate the release of serotonin – your body’s natural anti-pain chemical.
Prenatal massage, in a nutshell, will provide your body relief during and after pregnancy and aid better sleep. But this doesn’t promise that your newborn will sleep through the night. (That’s an entirely different story). To diminish discomforts and anxiety, it’s essential for pregnant women to experience regular home massage therapy, too.

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Massage also helps in boosting natural body chemicals – dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin. There are varieties of massage techniques offered by therapists. As a pregnant woman, identify which benefits [the most] women with normal, low-risk pregnancies. Women with high-risk pregnancies need to consult a doctor prior to beginning any massage therapy technique(s).