Benefits of Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage is actually the preferred massage treatment by many as it is known to help relieve stress and tension in problem areas. In this massage treatment, the therapist applies lotion or oil on the client using broad strokes with the pressure ranging from light to medium. As the therapist spread the lotion, he or she will assess the muscles to identify which parts need an additional massage to ease tension.

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How Swedish Massage Works

Like it was mentioned before, the Swedish massage therapist starts with broad strokes as they apply the lotion or oil and once they’ve identified the areas that need to be focused on, they will switch to target specific massage strokes to help the tight muscles relax. Once all kinks and tensioned muscles are removed, connecting massage will be the final stroke applied.

There are five strokes that are used in Swedish Massage and these are effleurage which is basically a stroke that is generally used when applying lotion, petrissage which is a combination of kneading, wringing, rolling, and lifting which help in relieving tension and knots on the muscles. Another stroke is the friction where the muscles are heated up by massaging muscles with strokes going back and forth or side to side until the muscles heat up to relax. Tapotement, on the other hand, is a percussion stroke in Swedish Massage with hands cupped, or fingers interlocked. The final stroke used in Swedish Massage is the vibration, which is usually done on specific muscle areas where rocking, trembling, and shaking movements are done to help break holding patterns and to rejuvenate muscles.

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Swedish Massage Benefits

Most people get a massage to be pampered but did you know that the Swedish Massage benefits go deeper? One of the benefits to be gained from getting a Swedish massage is to be able to relax under the constant kneading, stroking, and broad strokes administered by the therapist. Another benefit to be gained is lowered blood pressure because the massage treatment helps boost blood circulation. As the therapist works on tight muscles, any blood constriction will be released which means that there will be an efficient flow of blood and oxygen which is beneficial to your overall health.

When you get a Swedish massage, you are also improving your flexibility because there won’t be any tightness in your muscles. Another example of Swedish massage benefits is the feeling of being rejuvenated. There are many customers who agree that not only do they feel relaxed after a session but they actually feel rejuvenated afterwards because serotonin and dopamine hormones are released.

As you can see, getting a Swedish massage has a lot of benefits to provide you with. If you want to reach that level of relaxation after a long day at work, getting a massage is definitely worth it.