Traditional Oil Massage: Combining the Powerful Benefits of Massage and Oil

When you talk about traditional oil massage, it is impossible to refer only to one traditional technique. In reality, the oil massage that is known today has varied roots, but most of which would point out to what originally started in Thailand. It differs not only on the type of the massage techniques that are applied but also when it comes to the kind of oil that is being used. The next time you have a massage, it is important to know the different kinds of oil that are used for traditional oil massage and decide which one is perfect based on your current mood or the outcomes that you wish to achieve.

traditional oil massage

Traditional Oil Massage Benefits

Among others, traditional oil massage is beneficial because it helps in the improvement of blood circulation. It stimulates the surface of the skin first, which leads into the production of heat and impacts the blood vessels to improve circulation. Because it gets the blood pumping, it can lead into other benefits, such as improvement of skin appearance and improving the functioning of internal organs.

Traditional oil massage has been also popular because of its ability to help alter mood. Because of the latter, it is believed to be one of the natural ways to beat depression. When the massage is performed by a qualified therapist, it can trigger the release of certain types of hormones, which will help to relieve stress.

Other commonly noted traditional oil massage benefits include improving heart health, getting rid of dead skin cells, improving function of the nerves, keeping the stomach healthy, improving eyesight, recovering from injury, getting rid of toxins in the body, relief from body ache, and improving sleep, among others.

Important Properties of Massage Oil

To be able to achieve the traditional oil massage benefits, it is important to choose the right type of oil. Its certain properties should be given attention. When it comes to density, it should be pure and filtered. More so, the viscosity of the oil should be low to reduce stickiness and to make it flow easily on the skin surface. It should also moisturise better to make the skin absorb it faster and it should not be too drying.

The choice of oil for a traditional oil massage will depend on the specific results that are envisioned. Some of the most commonly used include coconut, jojoba, grape seed, castor, sesame, borage, avocado, and olive oil, among others.

At the end of the day, the most important when it comes to being able to maximise traditional oil massage benefits is for such to be performed by a qualified therapist. The latter should know the pressure points that should be targeted to provide the benefits that are anticipated.